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From Factory to Finish - everything is taken care of by the best people to achieve a high-level finish and sound quality


In our workshop we make instruments like you have never imagined. No need to be concerned about durability, just sit and play, only think of creativity in playing Cajons.

about us

Percblast believes in making Quality instrument at a reasonable price.


Percblast began in 2021, founded by Tushar Dasgtupta (Director) and Imon Mandal (Director), in a small backyard workshop at Narendrapur, Kolkata, India. Low Price, High Quality that is the main aim of the founders. First their team produced Cajons drums for the local market, and as his reputation for quality and craftsmanship grew, they were soon urged to supply Cajon drums nationally through eCommerce sites. Searching for a name synonymous with Sound quality value and prestige, Tushar Dasgupta chose to name his company Percblast. From these humble beginnings, Percblast has grown to become the Iconic Cajon Drum Manufacturer in India.


Welcome to The World of Percussion Instrument.

Percblast is India's leading manufacturer of the best percussion instruments.




Narendrapur, kolkata 700103. India