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The Acrylic Cajon is a top-performing percussion instrument designed for musicians who demand exceptional sound quality and versatility. With its acrylic front plate, this cajon provides a highly accurate bass and snare response range, making it the perfect choice for stage and studio performances. Despite its lower acoustical volume compared to traditional wooden cajons, its amplified sound quality is unparalleled and surpasses the performance of traditional cajons.

This cajon is equipped with a snare sound tuning mechanism, allowing musicians to adjust the snare sound to their personal preference with the included allen key. The deep bass and high-quality snare sound produced by the Acrylic Cajon make it an exceptional choice for live and recorded performances. Additionally, the sound hole port provides an extra boost of bass, resulting in a powerful and dynamic sound that is sure to captivate any audience.

Overall, the Acrylic Cajon is an innovative and professional percussion instrument that is guaranteed to deliver exceptional sound quality and versatility in any musical setting.

PERCBLAST Cajon Drum with adjustable snare sound | Model No: PBAC030

SKU: PBAC030ORG | HSN Code: 92060000
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