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Percussionists know what is best for them, a great choice will always give you the best results. Choose the right product. Awesome Sound, Awesome Snare, Awesome Bass!

The PMBS4 Cajon is made in India using expensive wood and ply. The rear facing bass port is positioned at the center of the cajon directly behind the most frequently used hand position. This placement provides the greatest snare and bass volume. The PMBS4 Cajon has a beautiful Black & Mahogany polished finish to ensure a visual appeal whether on stage or in the studio.

Percblast adjustable strings Cajon | Model: PMBS4

SKU: PMBS400003 | HSN Code: 92060000
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₹3,299.00Sale Price
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  • Model No - PMBS4

    Dimension: 18" Tall x 12" Wide x 12" Deep

    Body - High quality plywood

    Tapa - High quality Plywood

    Color - Black and red

    Inside Structure - Pine wood





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